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Talent Pipeline Management

TPM: Solving Regional Workforce Needs

The U.S. has a problem: people without jobs and jobs without people. In response, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has established a workforce development framework called Talent Pipeline Management, or TPM.  

Made up of six strategies, the framework provides employers with a data- and performance-driven approach to identify, develop, and source talent for in-demand and high-growth occupations. The structure is built on the industry’s best practices and is authentically employer-led. TPM provides the structure and process that enables collective decision-making and, based on the data that comes from the participating employers themselves, helps create the action to overcome the identified obstacles.

To support long-term, sustainable workforce development solutions in our region, greater:SATX began implementation of the framework in May of 2022 to work directly with employers to address career readiness, career awareness, and 21st century marketable skills, and has since become a national leader in scaling TPM implementation across 6 key industries.

“The Talent Pipeline Management framework is different than other employer convenings because it provides a forum for companies that normally compete for labor to discuss current challenges in hiring and strategizing future growth/development of our community workforce. I anticipate that developing a sustainable model in community workforce development will be a “big win” for the San Antonio region.”

Tony Magaro, Director of Human Resources at Southwest Research Institute

greater:SATX focused on 5 industries based on the makeup of our largest regional employers:

Information Technology/Cyber

These industries also represent some of the highest in-demand occupations, where individuals can start building career pathways right out of training.

San Antonio Ready to Work Partner

The City of San Antonio’s Ready to Work program is a first-of-its-kind tax-payer-funded investment of over $200 million to help San Antonians access job training and certificate and degree completion aligned with in-demand careers in our community. 

We are a proud Ready to Work partner and the lead entity supporting employer engagement for the program. As the lead employer engagement partner, SA WORX works closely with the City to engage employers and business leaders to support this investment by informing target industry talent needs through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) framework, providing real-time, local data on short and mid-term hiring needs and the associated training and skills needed.

Check out some of the major findings in our TPM Snapshots:

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Thank you to all of the employers, workforce, education, and public sector partners for supporting this effort and sharing in our region’s workforce sustainability. 

“Business owners depend on a sustainable talent pipeline to create long-lasting employment opportunities. We will only be successful if we are directly involved in this process. By sharing our workforce needs and aligning on a solution with educators and training providers, we can bridge the divide and enable high-demand industries and our talent to thrive.”

– Rosa Santana, CEO of Santana Group
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