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For over 300 years, the San Antonio, Texas region, or SATX as we call it, has been a dynamic crossroads of culture, commerce, and military, cultivating a strong community. Our SATX region possesses a healthy, diversified economy, and a growing, supported workforce. This unique environment makes SATX ideal for residents to reach their fullest potential.

Former head of the U.S. Census Bureau, Robert Murdoch, once said that San Antonio represents the demographic future of the U.S. One day, the rest of the country will be as young, diverse, and welcoming as our region is today. 

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Military City USA

A seemingly sleepy historical fact may be the key to understanding our modern local economy and to our business culture of camaraderie: San Antonio has had a constant military presence for more than 300 years.  

Over the past several decades, Greater San Antonio’s economy has been shaped and influenced by the activities, employees, and assets at the Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA). JBSA is the largest joint base within the United States military. This is why San Antonio is known as Military City, USA.  


San Antonio has prioritized investing in its people as a core strategic pillar of successful economic development. By aligning regional workforce development initiatives, greater:SATX is working to ensure that businesses operating within the region have access to the skilled talent they need today and into the future.  

In fact, San Antonio’s educational attainment rate grew the fastest among its competitive markets in the past 5 years, growing by 6.3 percentage points. Today, San Antonio’s educational attainment rate is 41.9%.

Learn more about how we bring industry and education together to support our workforce growth.

Target Industries

21st century San Antonio is a leader in cybersecurity, financial services, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing and aerospace manufacturing. Here, you’ll find a thriving ecosystem of research and development, higher education, and U.S. Department of Defense collaboration. San Antonio has a diverse and recession-resistant economy with a track record of creating commerce around and in partnership with the U.S. military, evidenced by JBSA’s $39.1 billion economic impact in 2021. The D.O.D.’s influence can be felt across our major industries like cybersecurity, financial services, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing.  

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