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Local Business Advancement

Our Local Business Advancement team is your resource to support your continued growth in San Antonio. With a dedicated team of subject matter experts and consultants, provide regional employers in our target industries a full spectrum of services for the retention & expansion (BRE) of their local operation through workforce development, advocacy, international market expansion and real estate.

Our Services

We work with local businesses to ensure they’re well-supported to stay and grow in San Antonio, support infrastructure needs, utilities and air connectivity.

We align industry demand and workforce development to meet the needs of our regional employers. Labor market analysis, targeted campaigns and tailored programs to include talent retention and talent pipeline management (TPM).​

We work to ensure our region is competitively positioned on regulatory and funding issues at both the state and federal level. ​

Trade export services, global market connections and paid in-country consultants.

Export Leaders Program

Our export development program helps San Antonio regional businesses establish or grow their exports. Businesses of all sizes have benefitted from expert resources to develop best practices around export development to grow their business in SATX.

Ready to grow or begin exporting? This program is highly customized to help you grow your business' international reach and export activity.

  • Explore New Markets

  • Prioritize International Targets

  • Customize Your Goals

  • Develop an Export Plan

  • Join greater:SATX-Led Trade Missions To Connect with Prospects

worker at toyota plant

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