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San Antonio’s aerospace industry expertly combines private-sector innovation and Military process perfection. With more than 8,000 professionals working in aerospace and aviation for marquee employers like Boeing and Lockheed Martin, San Antonio is among the top 3 largest Texas aerospace talent hubs. San Antonio’s deep talent pool of engineers, aviation professionals, and consultants drive innovations that fuel military and civilian aerospace operations. 

Local Stats






Location Quotient

Known for MRO innovation

Billions in active military contracts

Port SA & Brooks built for innovation

Proud birthplace of military aviation

Industry Partner

Port San Antonio

Port San Antonio, the redeveloped former Kelly Air Force Base, is the fastest-growing tech hub. The Port is home to more than 80 on-site private employers including Boeing, Standard Aero, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Knight Aerospace, as well as the 26th Air Forces Cyber Command.
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Workforce Opportunities

Entry Level Salary
Average Salary

Top Posting Employers

  • Knight Aerospace

  • StandardAero

  • Boeing

Top Posted Skills

  • Computer Literacy

  • Standard Operating Procedure

  • Mechanics

Top Posted Occupations

  • Structural Engineers

  • Field Service Technicians

  • Maintenance Mechanics

Top Completed Programs

A Federal Aviation Administration-approved program that provides comprehensive training in the manufacturing and repair of airplanes and jets.

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San Antonio offers desirable real estate options for aerospace development, production, maintenance and repairs.
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Military & DoD Connections

San Antonio’s long-standing aerospace tradition began in 1917 when the U.S. Army Air Corps established Kelly Field as a pilot training site during World War I. The military and San Antonio’s aerospace industry have been working together ever since.

Astronaut Felix Baumgartner trained in San Antonio for his stratosphere jump

Home to the first military flight

MRO of US Air Force Engines and Parts provided by StandardAero

F-18 Super Hornet engines and parts produced in San Antonio

airplane engine being built

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