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Jun 2024

Toyota's Two Decades of Growth in SATX

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In 2003, Toyota Motor Corporation selected San Antonio as the site for a new manufacturing facility, marking the beginning of a significant economic partnership. The decision came after an extensive search, with San Antonio chosen for its strategic location, skilled workforce, and supportive business environment. 

Fast-forward 21 years, and it is for those same reasons that Toyota chose San Antonio yet again for a significant investment that will add 500,000 square feet to its manufacturing facility to produce drivetrains. The automaker estimates the new operation will create more than 400 new jobs.  

Construction of the $1.3 billion plant began in 2003, and by 2006, the facility started production of the Tundra pickup truck. The 2,000-acre site represented Toyota's sixth vehicle assembly plant in North America and its first in Texas. Initially employing approximately 2,000 workers, the plant has since grown to become one of the largest employers in the region. 

Today, Toyota Texas employs more than 3,800 San Antonians who assemble Tundras and Sequoias. Toyota Texas' broader employment footprint includes more than 20 on-site suppliers that employ an additional 5,600 people.

Throughout its presence in San Antonio, Toyota has demonstrated a strong commitment to community involvement and environmental sustainability. The company has invested millions in local education initiatives, workforce development programs, and environmental conservation efforts. 

Toyota's San Antonio plant continues to be a cornerstone of the local economy, producing hundreds of thousands of vehicles annually and supporting numerous supplier companies in the region. The facility has adapted to changing market demands and technological advancements, incorporating more automation and focusing on producing increasingly popular truck models. 

Toyota's presence in San Antonio has boosted the local economy and helped establish the region as a hub for automotive manufacturing in Texas, attracting related industries and fostering long-term economic growth. 

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