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Diversity That Works

Greater SATX has a diverse, resilient business base. We are at the intersection of military and business giving us a unique ecosystem of R&D, innovation, and industry. A diverse range of target industries combined with a strong military community give Greater San Antonio a competitive edge.

Navistar truck fleet

Growing Greater

Our diverse industries keep our regional economy growing strong and stable.

Military Presence and Diverse Industries Keep us Resilient.

Growth Degrees & Certifications

51% 5-Year

8 Industries With 

>1 Location Quotient

12% 5-Year

Job Growth

Our Target Industries

We love all business in San Antonio. But in our region, there are a few industries in our sweet spot that we target for growth.

SATX Region

1.15M JOBS





All data is for San Antonio-New Braunfels MSA, 2021.

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Small Town Feel, Big City Opportunities

Lots of places claim a "small town feel" but few can back it up with big city opportunity. Come feel the energy for yourself.

Sarah Carabias Rush

Chief Economic Development Officer

Sarah Carabias Rush