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Apr 2023

Fiesta San Antonio – A Party with a Purpose

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This month, people traveled from around the globe to enjoy and participate in San Antonio’s Fiesta; a shining example of what makes Life Work Greater in San Antonio.

San Antonio’s iconic Fiesta is an 11-day festival full of parades, carnivals, and great food. Beginning with the first Battle of Flowers event in 1891 to honor the Battle of San Jacinto and the Alamo heroes, Fiesta San Antonio continues to grow every year and now has between 105-120 events annually that generate more than $340 million for nonprofit organizations and services for San Antonio citizens. San Antonians look forward to Fiesta season year-round and to sharing the culture and history it celebrates with those who come from around the world to enjoy the festivities.

Amidst the various events and fundraisers, there are even Fiesta royalty. From the Queen of Soul and the Charro Queen, to being crowned El Rey Feo and King Antonio are high accolades bestowed upon individuals who contribute to making San Antonio an even greater place to live year-round. Students and business leaders from the community raise scholarship funds and engage in a friendly competition for the crowns. The candidate that raises the most funds or best supports the community is crowned King or Queen of their respective organizations.

If you joined us for Fiesta this year, you may have heard the crowds at the parade yell at the float riders to “Show us your shoes!” From Fiesta queens in their extravagant and dazzling gowns to city officials and residents representing their corporations’ floats, they don’t disappoint. It’s customary for float riders to show off their custom cowboy boots or bedazzled sneakers hidden under their elaborate parade attire.

If you get the opportunity to experience Fiesta San Antonio, it is truly a must. Make sure to catch a parade, eat a chicken on a stick and collect some Fiesta medals, all while supporting the San Antonio economy. 

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