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greater:SATX sat down with with Clearwater Benefits to learn more about their South-Central Texas operations benefitting thousands of Texans.

Tell us a little bit about Clearwater Benefits and its presence in the South-Central Texas region. 

Clearwater Benefits is a healthcare company that started with a mission to offer affordable healthcare choices to previously ignored groups like 1099 workers, self-employed business owners, and others who don't get benefits from their jobs. We're proud to be licensed in all 50 states, and since our launch, we've grown and improved our offerings dramatically.

Our presence in the South-Central Texas region, especially in San Antonio and Austin, has been significant. We understand that many hardworking Texans have had to make tough decisions about their health because they couldn't afford expensive health insurance or had to go without any coverage.

At Clearwater Benefits, we've made a positive impact by providing affordable healthcare options to those who need it most. We believe that everyone deserves access to good healthcare, and we're here to support people in their health journey.

What makes Clearwater Benefits stand out amongst the insurance / healthcare providers in our area? 

Clearwater Benefits truly stands out among insurance and healthcare providers in our area for several compelling reasons. To address this, we have created an insurance ecosystem that puts the health and well-being of our customers first. Our focus is on offering plans that offer robust preventive care, ensuring that our customers can take proactive steps to stay healthy, not just use their coverage when they get sick.

What sets us apart even further is our diverse range of offerings. Not only do we provide access to every plan available on, regardless of the carrier, we also offer the first and only group 1099 plan in the United States. Additionally, our marketplace grants access to non-secular healthshare plans, providing even more options for our customers.

The impact of these offerings is significant. People who enroll through Clearwater save an average of $8,000 a year on their premiums alone, which also allows for investment in their business, savings, or health.

Furthermore, we take a unique approach to partnerships. Clearwater Benefits directly collaborates with companies rather than relying on insurance brokers. This enables us to pass on those savings directly to the employees and 1099 workers associated with these companies, providing them with even more affordable healthcare options.

As a sleeping giant that is starting to awaken, San Antonio is becoming more appealing to companies worldwide. It offers exceptional talent, a diverse range of industries, and a strong work ethic, all within an affordable and business-friendly environment.

Clearwater Benefits

What insurance / healthcare trends are you watching right now? 

Health insurance premiums have gone up and continue to go up significantly every year while simultaneously offering less coverage and higher deductibles. United States health insurance consumers have started voting with their wallets and have started looking for alternative options to the traditional major carriers which is why we are seeing such explosive enrollment numbers at Clearwater.

At Clearwater, we have seen the data and chose to focus on providing robust preventative care, free mental health and telehealth with every plan, and disappearing deductibles if you take care of your health.

How would you like to see the San Antonio region continue to grow?

I believe the San Antonio region has incredible potential for growth, and I'd love to see it continue on its positive trajectory. As a sleeping giant that is starting to awaken, San Antonio is becoming more appealing to companies worldwide. It offers exceptional talent, a diverse range of industries, and a strong work ethic, all within an affordable and business-friendly environment.

To ensure the region's continued growth, I envision fostering an environment that attracts even more companies. By showcasing the unique advantages of San Antonio, we can entice businesses to establish roots in this amazing ecosystem. This means investing in infrastructure, supporting educational opportunities, and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Moreover, I'd like to see the community come together to encourage collaboration between companies and educational institutions that will help develop specialized skills and drive further growth in our city.

Why did you invest in greater:SATX?

I invested in greater:SATX because it provides a unique opportunity to connect with the best business minds in our area. By engaging with this organization, I have gained valuable insights into the challenges and solutions faced by various businesses, which has significantly accelerated Clearwater's growth in a measurable manner.

One of the most valuable aspects of being part of greater:SATX is its role as an excellent referral source. Through this network, we can collaborate with outstanding companies and establish meaningful partnerships. Not only does this enable us to work with great companies, but it also allows us to connect our clients with other businesses that can address their needs beyond the healthcare space.

Being a member of greater:SATX has proven to be an invaluable investment in our business's growth and development. The collaborative and supportive environment has given us the tools and connections needed to thrive and create positive impacts for our clients and partners.

Is there anything you would like to share?

Joining greater:SATX has been a great decision for us, and we look forward to our continued work with the other companies in this amazing ecosystem.

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