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The San Antonio Region is ALL IN

We have the opportunity of a lifetime to change the trajectory of our economy. The region will grow significantly over the next decade. Together, we can grow the San Antonio way: with passion and a smart mission.

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See the strategy and get in the game.

$38.5 million in Five Years

The first phase of work (2021 to 2025) is underway. To execute at the highest level and compete with major metros, Greater: SATX needs to grow its budget.

The Plan.

At the foundation of our Strategy are three pillars supporting the region's economic competitiveness: quality jobs in target sectors, skilled and educated people to meet our employers' needs, and an attractive quality of place.

Economic Mobility

  • Jobs

    Develop Industry & DoD Clusters

  • People

    Grow, Attract, & Retain Talent

  • Place

    Elevate Quality & Awareness of Region


Fundraising goals will support the implementation of 10 initiatives.

  • 01

    Regional Economic Development

    Coordinated marketing agreement among neighboring communities to grow the project pipeline
    Creates even more diversity in the assets we offer companies to relocate

  • 02

    Target Corporate Recruitment

    Highly targeted marketing
    Aggressively scaled company outreach
    Enhanced sales approach

  • 03

    Unified Cluster & Military Development

    Strategic alignment among companies, education providers, and developers to grow strong industry hubs
    Active pursuit of military mission growth in our region

  • 04

    Elevated Business Retention & Expansion

    Scaled local business outreach
    Integrated workforce solutions
    Added focus on HQ and anchor employers

  • 05

    Target Sector Training & Education

    Increased, equitable access to programs
    Focus on upskilling incumbent workforce
    Improved employer/educator/candidate connections

  • 06

    Talent Retention: The Alamo Fellows

    New fellowship program to retain college graduates
    Activate college students in the community
    Access to specific talent for local employers

  • 07

    College & Career Pathways

    Ambitious programs to increase college readiness, enrollment, and completion
    Enhanced direct-to-work and direct-to-military programs

  • 08

    Regional Centers Initiative

    Private sector assistance for City of San Antonio place making efforts
    Potential fund/private incentives for development that maintains cultural and economic development in specific areas of the region

  • 09

    San Antonio International Airport Master Plan Support

    Aligned marketing expenditure to enhance business traveler airport experience
    Private sector support of flight attraction 

  • 10

    Regional Branding & Marketing

    Unrivaled promotion of the region to businesses and top talent
    Consistent, reliable measurement of San Antonio's brand perception

Target Sectors

To effectively focus investments on those sectors of economic activity that can most reasonably support quality job and income growth for the region in the years to come, Greater: SATX and its partners have identified the following target sectors.

Investor Details


Please check the desired investment level. This investment is an intention to give for five years and will be used for greaterSATX budgeting purposes. Investments for years 2-5 are assumed, but may be rescinded at any time.
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