Upskill in Downtime

The coronavirus pandemic is having tremendous effects on the global economy and the way people work. While many companies are equipped for employees to work from home, workers in industries like hospitality and retail are facing a difficult time furloughed or let go from their jobs.

To help those who now may be out of a job and looking to upskill quickly, many education providers are opening up their online tools to help people learn quickly and get back to work in areas that need workers now more than ever.

We’ve compiled a list of some free-or-low-cost resources helping people access educational materials that can lead to new career opportunities.

ALISON: 1,000 online courses from the world’s leading experts.

CODE ACADEMY: Learn to code through guided lessons aimed at achieving goals like analyzing data or building a website.

DUOLINGO: Learn a new language, for free.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Learn web development, data, design, and business through online training courses.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS ACADEMY: Analytics Academy helps users learn about Google measurement tools to grow business through data collection & analytics.

MOZ: Simplifying Search engine optimization for everyone through software, education, and community.

SKILLCRUSH: Online coding school to help reinvent careers.

UDEMY: More than 100,000 courses available. New users can access courses for as low as $11.

Each year over 6 million Americans work towards post-secondary certifications and degrees online. More than half of those were experienced professionals continuing their education in order to make a career move, either advancing their career or switching completely (National Center for Education Statistics, As the economic impacts of the novel coronavirus emerge, more people can benefit from taking advantage of online education.

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