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We firmly believe that our greatest strength is our people. I can’t think of a better way to close out this year than by sharing an emphatic THANK YOU to our investors, partners and stakeholders throughout the Greater San Antonio region. Thank you for a year of progress and for driving us all to be greater. We are celebrating the close of a wonderful year thanks to your support. 

As we look ahead to the new year, I’m proud to share our national branding campaign has launched and will take center stage in 2023. 

Our Life Works Greater campaign aims to elevate national awareness and perception of San Antonio as a place to live and work, aimed at mid-level young professionals in high-demand occupations. As we began our research, one key takeaway became instantly clear: our biggest hurdle to overcome is building awareness of San Antonio. And that’s our greatest opportunity in 2023.  

 When our target audiences were exposed to the campaign creative and messaging, they were significantly more likely to consider moving to San Antonio. In fact, consideration increased a significant 26 percentage points after campaign exposure! People were most enticed by San Antonio’s cost of living, reputation, weather, and access to food and dining.  

This was clearest in some of our competitive markets like Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Denver, and Dallas.

Here, we believe that our greatest strengths are our people and culture – supported by our attractive and attainable high quality of life. 

We believe that Life Works Greater in San Antonio.

Regional Updates

Investor Spotlight – 100% to Goal 

It started with our strategy to change our region’s growth trajectory. We asked our community to go All In on our strategy and help fund our efforts to invest in our PEOPLE and PLACE to continue growing quality JOBS for our region. 

Thank you to everyone throughout the Greater San Antonio region who participated. 

In the News

2022 was full of exciting headlines! Check out our full lineup of favorites including:

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