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Internship Program

Paid internships set you up with skills for the future and an opportunity to intern with local employers and advance your college and career plans.

Registration is now open for 2022 internships through our portal, Greenlight. If you're a current high school student aged 16-19, including graduating seniors, you are eligible for this summer's internship program.


How to Get Started

To participate in the 2022 Summer Internship program, you will need to register with the online portal, Greenlight.

Check out these videos to help you navigate the registration process through Greenlight.

Getting Started

Referral Code to Register

Students will need a referral code to register an account with our SA WORX internship portal, Greenlight. Please contact your district’s point of contact listed in the link below to obtain your referral code.

Greenlight Tutorial

Greenlight is the tool we use to help connect students and employers for internships.

Check out these videos to help you navigate the registration process.

Sample Resume

Take a look at this sample resume to help guide you on building your own.

Frequently Asked Questions


Check out this video that goes further in depth about summer internships, the timeline, application requirements, a Greenlight walkthrough, resume review, interview tips, and more.

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