Regional Partner Highlight – Windcrest

Windcrest is a progressive city with a government focused on services for the citizens and with an aggressive economic development effort that enables a great business climate. Known as the “City of Lights”, Windcrest is a beacon of opportunity in South Texas and one of the best and brightest communities for business.

We sat down with the Windcrest’s Economic Development Coordinator, Karen Nelson, to learn more about this community. 

Tell us a little about the City of Windcrest

Windcrest’s story starts with a single house built in 1955, thanks to a developer who purchased the first seventy-eight acres of land and called it home. Over the next few years, the city grew in accordance with a comprehensive development plan resulting in a community centered in beauty and charm.  Windcrest was formally incorporated as a city on September 18, 1959, and won statewide fame when it was announced as the Texas city with the largest percentage of increase in population from 1960 to 1970 by the Census Bureau.

Today, Windcrest sits in northeast San Antonio approximately 11 miles from downtown. With a population of almost 6,000 and about 2.2 square miles in size, the land locked community provides a perfect oasis in the 7th largest city in the U.S.

Its strategic location lends Windcrest tremendous transportation benefits. The city sits at a crossroads of major road and rail intersections expediting commerce and shipping needs. Conveniently located 10-minutes from the aviation hub of south-central Texas, the San Antonio International Airport, Windcrest benefits from major developments throughout the San Antonio-Austin megaregion and beyond.  

Our community has a strong military presence with three major bases that keep us on the cutting edge of medical and technological innovations while bringing pride and economic stability. It’s also why we are one of the most popular places for retired military to settle down. 

What makes Windcrest unique within the San Antonio region?

Windcrest possesses a sense of community and services not found in a major metropolitan area of 2.2 million. 

Since 1960, the community has supported “Light Up”, a Christmas Holiday effort to use lights and decorations to make Windcrest the center of Holiday Season and bring thousands of visitors annually. 

From the day-to-day perspective, over 250,000 visitors and vehicles travel through the city daily. The average household income is about $76,000 as compared to the $56,100 for the San Antonio MSA. The neighborhoods provide affordable quality housing with a medium price of approximately $200,000. The demographic make of Windcrest is unique in the metropolitan area.

What makes your community a great place for people and jobs?

The future for Windcrest is nothing short of brilliant. The outstanding quality of life for residents and workers make the city a premier destination. The location in northeast San Antonio directly on IH35 and SH 410 coupled with, housing, income levels and the sense of community, cannot be duplicated in the region. 

Windcrest is not just the “City of Lights” because of the holiday decorations we famously display. We hope it’s clear from all these advantages that Windcrest is a beacon of opportunity in South Texas and one of the best and brightest communities for business.

Come join the most vibrant city in Texas “The City of Windcrest”. Learn more about Windcrest at 


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