Regional Partner Highlight: Seguin

Established in 1838, the City of Seguin is rich with history as one of the oldest communities in the state of Texas. With a historic downtown and many historic sites scattered throughout the city, Seguin represents its past rooted in the beginning of the Texas Revolution with pride across all corners of the city.

“If I bring my friends or family through the heart of the Seguin community, they are fascinated with the fact that there is so much history that you don’t get driving through I-10.”

The longevity of Seguin is a result of many winning factors, but the most important is its convenient location. Only 30 minutes to downtown San Antonio, one hour from downtown Austin, and 2 hours from Houston, making it a strategic central location for business. Seguin also has easy access to many key pieces of infrastructure like intersecting roads and the supply chain from the port of Houston and Mexico. This location has been essential to the success of manufacturers and will likely spur the coming growth of the city over the next several years from its current population of 32,000. 

From 2010 to 2020 the population of Seguin grew 17% with an additional 5% from 2020-2021, which puts their momentum near those of the fastest growing corridor cities. Into the 2030 Census, Seguin expects a 51% increase in its population into 2035, which would put them at a population of 50,000.   

Beyond the amazing location of Seguin that continues to bring people in, the resurgence of the downtown area, through the city’s internal investments, has also played a huge role in increasing the population. In addition to the impressive historic district, Seguin also offers great educational opportunities through Texas Lutheran University and family entertainment through its theme park and restaurants. The San Antonio Express News recently published an article that Seguin could give Lockhart a run for their money in the BBQ business with their three new top notch BBQ restaurants: Burnt Bean, Davila’s BBQ, and Schulzes. The downtown area of Seguin offers the perfect blend of historic Texas with all new flavors.   

If you could highlight one major statistic or project, what would it be?

30% of jobs in Seguin are based in manufacturing, which makes Seguin responsible for more than 13% of manufacturing employment in the SA MSA. In addition to this already impressive number, this time next year, Seguin will be able to offer over 100 new jobs through the quick completion of the Mariachi Steel Tube project and many more coming soon.  

What makes your community a great place for people and jobs?

Despite the close proximity to the big cities, Seguin is able to offer and maintain great affordability and a high quality of life for both its residential and business population. Within Guadalupe County and Seguin, land costs will continue to be low and bring in great businesses who are excited about investing in the growth and success of Seguin.   

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I have been in Economic Development for 10 years now and I’m surrounded by a great team that makes my job easy. The city council and EDO is phenomenal, which helps in preventing Seguin from developing into another political environment. 

We also have the World’s Largest Pecan in front of the courthouse! This unique fact is not only a fun piece of information about this great city, but also continues to motivate new public art and museums. 

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