Regional Partner Highlight: Schertz

Schertz TX Regional Spotlight

Small town feel, large corporate footprint: The City of Schertz has deep roots in both the history and the future of the Greater San Antonio region.


We sat down with Schertz Economic Development Corporation’s Executive Director of Economic Development, Scott Wayman, to find out more about the companies and their impact in the Greater San Antonio region.  


Tell us a little about the City of Schertz:


With a population of just over 41,000, the City of Schertz has deep roots in both the history and the future of the region.  We are a fast-growing city with strong community spirit, excellent schools and an ideal quality of life that attracts families to our region and beyond.


What makes Schertz unique within the San Antonio region?


The City of Schertz is one of only three cities that has a footprint on both IH 35 and IH 10, two of the most highly travelled corridors in the United States and very important to trade between the United States, Mexico, and Canada. We have high growth in terms of residential developments, providing workers for the business sectors that are calling our community home. In addition, we have wonderful and affordable housing projects with the Median Home Value of $295,800. Although we possess small town charm, there is nothing small about the administration of the departments within the city. With an annual budget of $103M, we have police, fire and EMS providers that are second to none providing safety and reliable services to the city.


If you could highlight one major statistic or project, what would it be?


The statistic we are most proud of is one that will lead to many projects in the future. The City of Schertz is 46% undeveloped. When you consider that we are 27 square miles in total, this opportunity leads to many potential projects in the future to keep us competitive and our business sectors desirable. Many of the undeveloped areas within the City of Schertz do not have water or sewer provision, so the challenge that we face is to cooperate with outstanding businesses and corporate citizens to fill those areas and extend utilities in an efficient manner.


Recently, the city has engaged with Kimley Horn Engineering to conduct a wastewater survey for a large sewer shed in the northernmost portion of the city, north of IH 35.  This study will set the framework by which projects coming onboard will be able to partner with the city for this public infrastructure and will ensure that the region is developed in a way that makes the most sense for the city’s departments, who will efficiently manage that infrastructure once it is in place.


What makes your community a great place for people and jobs?


We have recently taken steps to declare two empowerment zones that will focus on making the process for development easier for both new and existing businesses, fostering jobs in these valuable portions of the city. One zone focuses on our historic “Mainstreet” that predates the incorporation of the city and established a feeling of “centricity” for our residents. Efforts to beautify and expand in this area will be made easier by lessened fees and more streamlined processes for these businesses. Following that, in a zone that has already been established, is a “FM 78 Empowerment Zone” that will engage in beautifying that area in the future and revitalize that business corridor for the city.


The City of Schertz City Council and the Directors of the Schertz Economic Development Corporation are two extraordinary examples of leadership that are focused on making decisions to improve the City of Schertz. Our Mission and Goals are closely aligned, and we are looking forward to the projects that will be coming to Schertz and this region for many years.


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