Regional Partner Highlight: Leon Valley

Leon Valley Regional Spotlight

greater:SATX visited with Roque Salinas, a regional partner representing the city of Leon Valley, just West of downtown San Antonio.

Tell us a little about Leon Valley:

Just nine miles west of downtown San Antonio in the area referred to as “The Valley of the Lions”, sits a small town with deep roots and big ideas, Leon Valley. Leon Valley is named after Leon Creek, which was once a thriving creek, that flowed in this area where early settlers and mountain lions roamed along the meandering springs searching for drinking water.

Our City was developed in the 1940s as a farming community on Bandera Road between Helotes and San Antonio. It was founded by Joseph Huebner in the mid 1800’s. In 1952, residents rallied together to file a petition for incorporation as an independent city. Leon Valley was incorporated under the leadership of its founding mayor, Raymond Rimkus, and encompasses 3.5 square miles. In 1960, it had a population of 536. By 2020, our population grew to 11,490 people.

As a full-service city, we offer small-town hospitality of prompt and professional services, and superior quality of life by balancing social equity, environmental stewardship, and economic development to achieve sustainability. With just over 84.5 acres of parks, trails and natural areas, residents and visitors come to Leon Valley to enjoy the abundance of natural areas and to find an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Furthermore, Leon Valley offers a variety of amenities, programs, and events.

Most notably is the annual 4th of July event which is free to the community and held in Raymond Rimkus Park. This event has seen up to 20,000 people, from all over, celebrate the 4th of July in Leon Valley. The event includes a community parade, a variety of food trucks/vendors, a live concert, and a fireworks display. Residents and visitors can find plenty to do in Leon Valley from bowling at the Bandera Bowling Alley, visiting the San Antonio Aquarium, attending a program from its accredited Library, walking along the Hike and Bike trail, learning the history at the Huebner-Onion house, seeing the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, catching a movie in the park, or listening to some great Jazz music at the Jazz Festival. Our City maintains various facilities including two community swimming pools, a Community Center, and Conference Center for private events.

If you could highlight one major statistic or project, what would it be?

We are nearing the completion of the first segment of the Huebner Creek Greenway Hike and Bike Trail. This project was a partnership with TXDOT and our City. The trail connects the 18-mile Leon Creek Greenway from the Crystal Hills trailhead on Shadow Mist Street and runs along Huebner Creek adjacent to El Verde Road towards Bandera Road bridge for an approximate 1.5 miles. Funding has been awarded for segment two. This will continue the trail to make Leon Valley’s first underpass trail, connecting the Bandera Road bridge to the Huebner-Onion Natural Area Park and Raymond Rimkus Park to Evers Road.

What makes Leon Valley unique within the San Antonio region and what makes your community a great place for people and jobs?

First, the strategic location of Leon Valley provides easy access to major highways, making it an ideal destination for businesses and residents alike. The heart of Leon Valley lies along State Highway 16, also known as Bandera Road. Leon Valley is well-placed to capture more than 243,000 people daily. Its proximity to the vibrant city of San Antonio creates opportunities for collaboration, trade, and commerce, benefiting local businesses and entrepreneurs. Leon Valley is in proximity of the largest employers within the San Antonio Metro Area. Leon Valley is 3.5 miles from the Medical Center of San Antonio, 4 Miles from the USAA corporate office, 5 miles from Lackland Airforce base, 7 miles to the San Antonio International Airport and 9 miles from downtown San Antonio.

Second, our City aims to be a business-friendly City. The slogan of the City is “deep roots and big ideas”, and our leadership, staff, and attitudes reflect that with the various economic programs we have in place to assist those who want to call Leon Valley home.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Legend has it that the Leon Valley area was once the site of a stagecoach stop between Bandera and San Antonio, with the first settlers arriving in the early 1800s. According to the tale, Leon Valley was considered a dangerous area for wagons and stagecoaches due to the once continuously running Leon and Huebner Creeks. Early pioneers struggled against the harsh life of the Hill Country, sharing the area with roaming mountain lions and native Tonkawa Native Americans. The Homestead, completed by Joseph Huebner in 1862, was located on the stagecoach route and still stands today along Bandera Road. Legend also has it that Mr. Huebner is buried at this site.


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