President’s POV

By Tom Long, Chief Development Officer

This month, I am happy to contribute the POV for our CEO, and for our Business Development team. As you might imagine, prior to the extreme winter storms that rocked Texas, we had very different content planned for this month’s newsletter. For obvious reasons, we decided to pivot and commend the continued resiliency shown throughout the San Antonio business community. I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the impacts that the winter storm had across our great state and our resolve for an even more competitive future.

The extreme winter storms were devastating for Texans – a series of storms not seen in Texas since tracking weather data started in the late 1890s. Our consistently reliable and affordable energy is part of what makes Texas and San Antonio a great place to live and do business. With this extreme winter storm, our independent energy infrastructure, which is typically an asset, became a vulnerability.

I know that leaders across the state are actively working to apply what was learned in order to build our energy infrastructure stronger for the future. Texans will not let this happen again. Likewise, your SAEDF team has been in contact with exiting prospects proactively allaying any concerns they may have about our infrastructure. CPS Energy and SAWS are still two strong reasons why companies want to be in San Antonio. Prospects continue to look at the San Antonio region as a great place to locate.

Even in the face of unprecedented suffering caused by a global pandemic and a fatal winter event, San Antonio remains a great place to do business. Our outstanding corporate citizens are at the very heart of this—and once again, we saw them in action when it counted most.

H-E-B is more than a grocery store. The San Antonio-based company known for its logistics prowess has become synonymous with preparedness. H-E-B president, and current SAEDF chair, Craig Boyan addressed Texans in a time of uncertainty and made sure that we knew H-E-B partners had us covered. We are fortunate to see his leadership in action, and are proud to see H-E-B’s efforts recognized nationally.

All across the region, the business community stepped up to help distribute water and food to those in need. Port San Antonio and Brooks converted into food and water distribution sites on the city’s south side, while Rackspace aided the Food Bank as a mass distribution site.

This past year has proven what we’ve known to be true – Texas is strong. There is always work to be done. In the San Antonio region, we know how to roll up our sleeves and do the work that continues making this place an even better community in which to live and work.