San Antonio is the only large U.S. city with a shared Community Vision and a nonprofit organization tracking community progress toward our shared goals. You may know that already, but it’s worth stating over and over. Because this past year, amid a pandemic and people staying at home, 12,000 San Antonians came together to reaffirm and strengthen its Community Vision for the next decade.

Figure 1: Downtown housing units grew by 260% to 11,898 in 2020 from 3,304 in 2010, surpassing the 2020 goal, yet the number of people living downtown has remained relatively stagnant.

SA2020, the organization driving progress toward our shared Community Vision, launched the updated data dashboard tracking 9 community results through 60 community indicators. Like many other community organizations, SAEDF uses the community indicators to drive planning and change in our areas of focus Jobs, People, and Place. Figure 1 depicts one of the 60 community indicators, tracking progress toward a 10-year goal to increase housing units downtown.

With last week’s winter storms, many San Antonio organizations jumped into action to help. SA2020 compiled a list of resources and ways San Antonians can help their neighbors during this time.