If you google “remote work in 2021” you’ll see over one million results. Articles on every site from the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, to Fast Company and CNBC quote experts and surveys predicting various impacts on the workforce in a given area. At SAEDF, our 2021 marketing plan includes a new audience: remote workers in our targeted industries.

Figure 1

SAEDF, through SA Works, has traditionally focused on building and growing our talent pipeline from within, through a two-pronged approach: 1) creating work-based learning opportunities for high school, college, and adult learners, and 2) engaging employers, higher education partners, and training providers to align industry need with available degree and certification programs.

Growing and retaining top talent in our market remains central to our entire approach to economic development, yet with the exodus of individuals and companies from large U.S. markets, there is an opportunity to test our way into a smart approach to attracting talent to San Antonio.

In Figure 1 there are a few interesting and timely predictions we’ll be monitoring. If you have questions or want to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.