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Our San Antonio community is growing exponentially and at greater:SATX, we are passionate about supporting smart growth that will provide pathways to prosperity for all San Antonians. Our regional economic competitiveness plan emphasizes investing in our people and our place to secure business investment and quality jobs. Said simply, we’re in the business of economic mobility.  

Last year San Antonio added more new residents than any other U.S. city. Of the nation’s ten largest cities, San Antonio and Phoenix were the only cities to gain residents, while the others saw a decline in overall populations. Our top spot doesn’t come as a surprise. As a region, we’ve intentionally rallied to focus on providing equitable access to jobs and educational opportunities.  Those fundamental investments like the City’s newly launched Ready to Work program, SA Digital Connects digital inclusion initiative, and our very own SA WORX Alamo Fellows program, are helping San Antonians reach their fullest potential. 

These programs require leadership, buy-in, and funding from our private employers and it’s incredible to see our largest organizations like H-E-B, USAA, Frost, Valero, and Toyota lean in. They also require participation from eager San Antonians who choose to stay and build their futures here. Whether leading in the board room or building on the assembly line – we’re all one community. As San Antonians, we all benefit from these programs, and we are all informing outcomes. That’s why I am always taken aback when I hear the term “business community.” What does that even mean? We all live, work, and play in the San Antonio region. We have business owners and civic leaders, CEOs, and students – all contributing to the prosperity of our greater San Antonio community. 

Just recently, San Antonio was simultaneously ranked as one of the top markets for tech worker growth and the U.S. metro with the highest poverty rate. Low educational attainment, high poverty rates, and the digital divide are not new nor are they unique issues for San Antonio. Transformational change happens when we all come together as one community to address our toughest challenges. 

When I see the positive growth statistics, I get excited about what we’re building here in San Antonio. Each new resident has a reason that brought them here to our community. It could be a job with a company new to the region like Navistar, Victory Capital, or Scorpion Biologics. They could be coming here for school at one of our universities or venturing out to start their own business. Whatever the reason, we’re ready to welcome them to San Antonio. We all want to see our San Antonio region become an even greater place to live and work. Together, as one community, we’re doing just that.

Greater together, 

Jenna Saucedo-Herrera 


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