Issue 77: An Even Greater Future

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In 2021, our organization went through significant change to better serve the Greater SATX region. With a new name and evolved regional scope, be on the lookout for communications from greater:SATX for our latest and greatest economic development updates.


President POV

As we kick off 2022, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the San Antonio region’s transformation in 2021 and our renewed momentum towards an even greater future.

We implemented the first year of our 5-year All In SATX strategy, expanding our service territory, rebranding our organization, building internal staff capacity, and fundraising to adequately resource our team. Together, along with our regional allies, we are actively marketing the broader 8-county MSA globally for jobs and investment.

At the end of 2021, greater:SATX had attracted more than 5,000 new jobs and $1.2 billion of capital investment to the region from employers like Navistar, Matthews International, Skipcart, and Scorpion Biological Services. 14,000 students participated in work-based learning opportunities and SATX colleges and universities awarded 15,000 degrees and certificates, doubling our yearly workforce goals and outpacing growth among other major metros across Texas.

As we look to 2022, we remain focused on investing in our People and Place to attract, grow and retain quality Jobs for San Antonians.
With the tremendous support of regional private and public sector investors, greater:SATX will remain committed to our six key objectives to our 2022 operational priorities:

  • Empower regional employer growth and sustainability
  • Position SATX as a top choice for employers and talent
  • Build the SATX talent pipeline and career pathways
  • Align placemaking investments and partnerships
  • Establish greater:SATX as an employer of choice
  • Activate greater:SATX investors and key stakeholders

Our 5-year strategy will bring to the region 30,000 new target industry jobs, $5 billion in capital investment, and 50,000 new target industry degrees and certifications.

We’ve been building momentum towards this year and our incredible greater:SATX team is ready. In the next few weeks, we’ll announce several expansion projects that will bring new jobs to the region. 2022 is just getting started and we look forward to propelling our SATX region to an even greater future.

Jenna Suacedo-Herrera


Investor Spotlight

OCI Solar Power

OCI Solar Power develops, constructs, finances, and operates utility-scale and distributed generation solar projects.

Established in 2009, OCI Solar Power relocated its headquarters to San Antonio in June 2012 after being selected by the City, acting through CPS Energy, to build large-scale solar projects. Over six years, OCI Solar Power has developed nine solar farms, totaling 500 megawatts (MW). Those projects are now in operation, and CPS Energy purchases all the solar power generated, making San Antonio’s municipal utility one of the largest purchasers of solar energy in the country!

SA WORX Celebrates Manufacturing Month for our Region


From the Team

Export Leaders 2021 Program Graduation,

by Sarah Sanchez, Managing Director, Global Development



In the News


Investing in People, Place Drive Economic Prosperity



Celebrating manufacturing month in the greater San Antonio region

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2021 brought great changes to our region and organization. After 45 years, the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation formalized a regional partnership and with it, we changed the name of our organization to greater:SATX. The SATX region is at a significant point in our economic trajectory and we are emboldened to be even greater. We are focused on building greater opportunities for our people, a greater place where we all live, and in turn, attracting even greater jobs.


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