Community Coming Together

The greater:SATX executive committee includes business leaders from diverse industries all across San Antonio. From financial managers to manufacturing titans, our committee members are dedicated to seeing Greater San Antonio grow and thrive.

2021 Executive Committee

Craig Boyan

President, H-E-B (Chairman)


CEO, Weston Urban (Vice-Chairman)

David McGee

President, Amegy Bank, Central Texas (Immediate Past Chairman)

Paula Gold-Williams

CEO, CPS Energy (Secretary Treasurer)

Kate Rogers

Executive Director, Alamo Trust (Chair, People Team)

Michael Lynd, Jr.

CEO, Kairoi Residential (Chair, Implementation Committee)

Rolando Pablos

Cross-National Advisory Partners (Co-Chair, International Advisory Council)

Dr. Taylor Eighmy

President, UTSA

Victoria Garcia

Managing Partner, Bracewell LLP

Brandon Gayle

Chief Operating Officer, Spurs Sports & Entertainment

Leo Gomez

CEO, Brooks Development Authority

Dr. Adena Williams Loston

President, St. Philips College

Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Matson

President, Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Robert Melvin

CEO & Founder, Limitless Creations

Wayne Peacock

CEO, USAA (Past Chair)

Clyde Rucker

Owner & CEO, Rucker Restaurant Holdings, Llc

Rosa Santana

CEO & Founder, Santana Group

Robert Puente

President & CEO, SAWS

David Marquez

Executive Director Of Economic & Community Development, Bexar County

Erik Walsh

City Manager, City Of San Antonio

Dr. Erika Gonzalez

Chair, San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Adam Hamilton

Past Chair, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

David Pope

Past Chair, North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
From the Chair
“SAEDF is propelling San Antonio forward, working to make sure our region grows strongly and grows the right way, and that every person has a chance to prosper. I’m honored to serve alongside this group of corporate leaders dedicated to driving equitable growth strategies that will strengthen San Antonio for decades.”
– Craig Boyan, President, H-E-B, Chairman, greater:SATX 2021 Executive Committee