Investor Spotlight: Southstar 

Investor Spotlight: Southstar

greater:SATX sat down with Southstar CEO and President Thad Rutherford to find out more about this great organization.

Tell us a little bit about Southstar and your presence in the Greater San Antonio region.

Southstar has been creating communities across Texas for over 20 years, and working in the greater San Antonio region since 2012. While we’re a national company, we love this area, and have since moved our corporate headquarters here and are focused almost entirely on this region. We love the people, the collaborative environment, the culture and natural beauty – there’s really no place like it.

Southstar was founded in 1999. How do you see yourself growing in the future and continue positively impacting our Greater San Antonio region? We fell in love with the greater San Antonio region over a decade ago, and our focus is almost entirely in this area. We have collaborated with a number of municipalities to create meaningful communities that deliver regional benefits to many within and beyond our communities. Our VIDA San Antonio community is a great example of this – where we are delivering a broad mix of housing, from townhomes, duplexes, apartments and homes in a walkable vibrant community adjacent to Texas A&M University-San Antonio, at the heart of so much of the regions economic and population growth. At VIDA (@livevidasa, we are introducing public greenways, trails, retail, public art, housing and state of the art connectivity that improves quality of life and opportunities for everyone in the area. We’re especially pleased to celebrate the groundbreaking of the University Health hospital and VIDA Clinic within VIDA, which introduce important new health and wellness options for everyone in the area. And of course we’re proud that VIDA is San Antonio’s first 1G community – nowhere else in the City can a full neighborhood access 1G internet at the rate available in VIDA, and be able to scale to 10G. Great communities have to deliver a wide array of benefits for residents, neighbors, area employees, students and guests. We’ve enjoyed collaborating with Texas A&M-San Antonio, Palo Alto College, the SouthWest ISD, University Health, the City and many others to identify how VIDA can add continue to add value.

How would you like to see the San Antonio region continue to grow?

We’re fortunate that San Antonio has a great number of smart, committed leaders who recognize the opportunities and challenges posed by growth. We’re happy to be collaborating with them on smart growth that considers everyone and plans for the future. We’re interested in adding more sustainable solutions that decrease the cost of ownership, and open pathways to home ownership for those that want it. We’re focused on improving connectivity, both digitally and through more connected trail systems. Simply, we want the region to grow together in a way that supports the special nature of each part of the region.

Why did you invest in greater:SATX?

Having worked across the country, we have never experienced a comprehensive effort like greater:SATX. This is a forward-looking group that considers all aspects to growth – that economic development needs great employees who need a great education, great housing opportunities and quality of life. We appreciate their strategic perspective on the I-35 corridor and the synergies that can be gained from working together. Our 1,800-acre Mayfair community (@Mayfair_TX, in New Braunfels is a great example – while its in the Hill Country in a great commuting area, residents will want diverse economic opportunities, educational opportunities and quality of life opportunities. While Mayfair will deliver quality of life from its 300 acres of parks and 32+ miles of trails, its connection to the Great Springs Trail, its lake and so much more, greater:SATX is considering what opportunities our Mayfair residents (and beyond) will have for jobs, education and more.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

We are really impressed with greater:SATX’s effort to engage area businesses as stakeholders – it reflects a position of listening, learning and gives them an unparalleled understanding of all that this area offers, and can welcome in the future.


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