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Mosaic Human Capital Solutions is in the people business. Mosaic is an HR services firm that is operationally focused and highly diverse. Learn more about what they are doing to combat the great resignation and how they are innovating in their space, right here in San Antonio.

We recently sat down with Mosaic Human Capital Solutions to discuss how forming in San Antonio has influenced their business, and how they have innovated their practices over the past few years. 

Tell us a little bit about Mosaic Human Capital Solutions and how the company formed.

Our practice is rooted in our founder Henry Martinez’s practical experience as a senior human resource executive with Valero Energy Corporation and CST Brands. Henry often says, “In Mosaic Human Capital Solutions, we created the HR firm I always thought should have existed, but never called on me as a 25-year practitioner in the space”. 

In short, we’re subject matter experts in the talent acquisition space with a proven track record of procuring elite-level talent in both the corporate and agency environment. We routinely execute retainer and contingency searches ranging from the C-Suite to individual contributor. Our most recent successes have been in accounting & finance, IT, human resources, medical and general manufacturing. 

More broadly, and aside from our focus on talent acquisition, Mosaic Human Capital Solutions is an HR services firm that is very practical, operationally focused and highly diverse. The diversity comes from the breadth of our HR experiences and translates into a swiss army knife of HR solutions, strategies and tactics that help companies utilize, deploy and improve overall performance of the HR practice and function in this difficult labor market. We do a lot because HR departments do a lot!

Our niche is middle-market companies that require high quality or innovative HR solutions, but don’t have the HR leadership or bandwidth to deliver. We augment the internal HR staff, not replace them.

What makes Mosaic Human Capital Solutions stand-out in the human resources industry?

Our position as being true HR practitioners with extensive experience puts us in a unique position. We understand HR from the inside out. That resonates with clients in terms of understanding what they need. Given our ability to execute human resource projects at an elite level, we tend to deploy multiple solutions for our clients. 

Our subject matter expertise includes, but are not limited to: 

  • Turn key, start-up Human Resource support for growing and start-up companies.
  • HR Consulting that includes audits of talent acquisition processes, retention strategies, organizational design, incentive compensation and overall HR programming. 
  • Talent Acquisition solutions including retained and contingency search. 
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).
  • HR Strategy and KPI Development 
  • HR Technology 
  • Strategic Workforce Planning 

How does Mosaic Human Capital Solutions continue evolving to support employers and job seekers? 

We have a unique approach with employers, our clients. We either teach them to fish, or we can do the fishing for them. 

We are focused on long term sustainable HR practices. If the client wants to execute the practices on their own then we can audit their processes and make recommendations to make adjustments and do things differently so they learn to fish for themselves. That is particularly important in this super tight labor market and it’s been a hot topic for us. Of course if they don’t have the time or resources to do the work internally, they can outsource it to us and we can execute at a very high level and produce data driven results.

For job seekers, we consider our practice to be very personal. From a talent acquisition standpoint, we strongly believe that you have to invest time in people, that you really have to see past the surface and dig into their background, their skills, their past and most importantly, their goals. We love technology and automation but we’re in the people business and there is absolutely no substitute for investing time in people! That said, we’re also strong proponents of valid, fair and unbiased assessment tools that help map a job seeker to a role that’s a good fit for them.

Many companies are reevaluating the workplace in light of “the great resignation”. How has Mosaic Human Capital Solutions adjusted and what do you anticipate to be permanent? 

We say that our perspective may be unique and counterintuitive. The great resignation, the great reset, the turnover tsunami are all well documented at this point and provide very relevant macro explanations for the extraordinary and lasting  impact the pandemic has had on the labor market. That said, at a macro level, the labor market is a market and like any market, the market with giveth and taketh away. So in the end, we do like to keep up with macro level discussion, but we prefer to focus our attention on our clients reality, which is based on their industry, business model, culture and hiring data. 

In some cases, even the street corner matters.  These are what we refer to as “labor micro-markets” and it’s the labor micro-market trends that are most meaningful to our customers. In the end, a company has to really dig deep into their HR data to truly understand their micro-market trends at the local level before knowing which levers to pull to improve performance. 

What is permanent is the tight labor market and we believe companies should focus less on the market and more on the things they can control like leadership and culture to improve retention and marketing technology to improve recruiting results.

Applicant volume is not coming back anytime soon.We do think that the labor market will recover slowly but it is not going to recover at the same rate in which it dropped. 

Our message to our clients: readjust your thinking and be prepared to compete in a labor market that is going to stay right here in South Texas for the next 20 years. 

Now is the time to evaluate your technology platforms, your marketing strategies, your process execution and the team of people managing this critical function. Many companies have to unpack the way they’ve thought about human resources historically, especially in that middle market space. 

What hiring or remote work trends are you watching at this time?  

From our perspective, this pandemic has taken the labor market and segmented it into three buckets. 

  • Bucket #1 is the 100% onsite job seeker
  • Bucket #2 is the 100% remote job seeker
  • Bucket #3 is the hybrid job seeker.  

From our practice, we consider these three to be independent labor markets, not one. Companies are or need to start reevaluating their operating models and modernize administrative workflows to adjust to this new reality of three labor segments. We believe this will be ongoing for years to come.  

The other trend we’re going to watch is the gap that’s occurring with training and developing of future leaders. There is no question employees can transact online and that’s here to stay. However, people learn by watching others, learning to communicate in groups, observing behavior in and out of meetings. Some of this can still be accomplished online, but the learning curve will be flatter and in-person leadership will be a real premium in the future.

Ready to learn more about how Mosaic can help your business?

Though there are a lot of pain points out there in the human capital space, we’re ready to have discussions about it. We really do view every organization as a mosaic. One piece is added at a time to create a beautiful picture. Hopefully companies are starting to be mindful of the old adages such as “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and that “there are no quick fixes.” 

We do want to encourage employers, especially these middle market companies, to be strategic about what they are trying to change in their organization. 

At Mosaic Human Capital Solutions, we advocate for long term sustained approaches in order to remain competitive in the markets in which we participate. We not only commit ourselves to Diversity and Inclusion, we are diversity and inclusion.  

To learn more about how we can help you reach your objectives please contact Collette Kernaghan at  210.867.1201 or


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