Investor Spotlight: Jefferson Bank

greater:SATX sat down with Jefferson Bank Vice President, Community Reinvestment Act Officer Estrellita Garcia-Diaz to find out more about this organization benefitting thousands of San Antonio residents. 

Tell us a little bit about Jefferson Bank and their presence in the region. 

Jefferson Bank was established as a community bank right here in San Antonio over 75 years ago. Since then, we have expanded our presence to include New Braunfels, Boerne and most recently, Austin. Our expertise has also expanded to offer a comprehensive range of financial products and services, including personal banking, business banking, online banking, wealth management, insurance, trust, and mortgages. We remain committed to growth and innovation with our customers’ needs and satisfaction at the forefront of our most fundamental priorities. 

To ensure our customers have maximum access and flexibility, we provide various delivery channels and access points to our products, services, and team members. Supported by 13 banking centers within our footprint, our dedication to providing valuable resources and serving our community ensures that our customers can choose the most convenient, efficient, and secure way to conduct their banking business. We place a strong emphasis on meeting our customers’ needs where they are. 

Jefferson Bank was founded in 1946 as a Financial Institution to serve the underserved Jefferson District of San Antonio. Today, it is so much more than that. How do you see Jefferson Bank growing in the future and continue positively impacting our Greater San Antonio region? 

Our mission and purpose have remained constant since 1946: “Earning long term relationships everyday, through integrity, responsiveness, and commitment,” all while providing our customers with the resources they need through the delivery of fair and affordable financial products and services. Our core values will always remain, and our approach to the financial industry is firmly grounded in our commitment to continually elevating our communities, fostering growth, and creating opportunities. 

With this in mind, it is our dedicated Jefferson Bank employees who set us apart from other financial institutions and who will continue to ensure our growth and impact in the communities we serve. “This is personal to us” is more than just a phrase; it is the guiding principle that fuels our passion for assisting our customers in reaching their financial goals and securing financial stability for themselves and future generations. 

How would you like to see the San Antonio region continue to grow? 

San Antonio is undeniably one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, evident in both surging population and economic expansion. San Antonio’s astounding progress expands beyond our population rate, and includes an increased presence of certain key industries, like biosciences, aerospace, and cyber security. Let’s not forget to mention the focus on the concept of a San Antonio-Austin Metroplex along the thriving I-35 corridor adding to our region’s desirability. 

This is an exciting time for our region as we continue to see local, state, federal, and private investment in our labor force, infrastructure, and housing. We are considered a destination for people and businesses alike because San Antonio is affordable, rich with culture and history, and offers a strong community spirit rooted in family. As the region’s stock rises, it is important for us not to lose sight of what makes it so desirable. We must continue to be intentional and strategic in our growth and development to ensure we maintain the character and integrity of San Antonio for years and generations to come. 

Why did you invest in greater:SATX? 

We recognize the crucial role greater:SATX plays in driving the economic growth in San Antonio. Our investment reflects our commitment to supporting organizations and programs that contribute to a stronger and more prosperous economy. Through our investment in greater:SATX, we have gained a front row seat and voice in the conversations that drive San Antonio’s growth and prosperity. This opportunity has also allowed us to share space, ideas, and innovation with some of the foremost thought leaders in the region. 

When asked why we invest in greater:SATX, invaluable perspectives, insight, and relationships come to mind. Earning long term relationships is a key component in our mission at Jefferson Bank, and greater:SATX’s work and network cultivates relationship building and collaboration among key stakeholders invested in the success of our people and businesses, ultimately benefitting our entire community as a whole. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

Jefferson Bank takes great pride in being a part of the San Antonio Region, and we look forward to contributing to its ongoing growth and prosperity through partnerships with organizations like greater:SATX. Our deep love for the communities we serve is inherent in everything we do. We are always here and ready to provide support in the only way we know – with genuine compassion and heartfelt commitment to meeting the community’s financial needs. 


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