Investor Spotlight: Corridor Title

Corridor Title is an independent title agent, headquarted in Central Texas, that is committed to supporting the growth of the San Antonio-Austin Corridor. What sets them apart is simple but powerfully unique – Corridor Title is built on a culture of service that proliferates success and opportunity for their clients, collogues, and communities.

We sat down with Corridor Title’s President & CEO, Patrick Rose, to find out more about the 1,308-acre mixed-use community. 

Tell us a little bit about Corridor Title and their presence in the South-Central Texas region.

At Corridor Title, we are fortunate to serve the entirety of the San Antonio and Austin Metro Areas by and through our 6 offices and 82 team members, and we are licensed in all counties within the Greater San Antonio Metro area. Our story in South-Central Texas, however, is just beginning. When we opened in New Braunfels just over five years ago, we understood that Comal County was in San Antonio’s orbit, and a meaningful part of the San Antonio regional economy. But frankly, we under-appreciated just how connected this terrific Region is. And we have very much enjoyed our work and efforts associated with our physical presence in New Braunfels— serving to the Comal and Guadalupe County Markets, and through relationships that carry us further south. Corridor Title looks forward to growing our presence in the South-Central Texas Region, and we look forward to the opportunity to open offices in San Antonio-proper in the coming years, as well as in Seguin, Boerne and elsewhere. 

What inspired you to establish Corridor Title more than 10 years ago

From 2002- 2010, during my 20’s and into my early 30’s, I was afforded the opportunity to represent Hays, Caldwell and Blanco Counties in the Texas House of Representatives. My work and service during that professional chapter exposed me to the tremendous reach and potential of the San Antonio and South-Central Texas region — its institutions, its business leadership, and its remarkable culture. For example — working as a Committee Chairman for Speaker Joe Straus, and supporting his purposeful work, was a true highlight of my 8-years of service. Because of District 45’s physical location between Austin and San Antonio, and my interaction with the respective business leaders in both Metro Areas, I became a believer in the shared future, and tremendous potential, of this larger Austin-San Antonio Corridor. Our ambition as a firm, as indicated by our name, is to grow in service to this compelling region.   

You are and have been heavily involved in economic development efforts, what drives you to support economic development across several regions? 

It is a given that the South-Central Texas Region will continue to grow… But it is up to us to do our part in order to ensure that we grow in a manner that increases opportunity, embraces excellence, and harnesses our unique authenticity. That is what is so appealing, for example, about the “Jobs, People and Place” focus of greater:SATX. Corridor Title is proud to invest in greater:SATX’s purposeful work, as we are in other economic development organizations across the region. For example, we are proud investors in the New Braunfels Economic Development Foundation, where I serve as Board Chair, as well as the Greater San Marcos Partnership, and Opportunity Austin. I believe that economic developers — their Professional Staff and volunteer leadership — are at the leading edge of helping our communities achieve their potential. And because Community Success is one of Corridor Title’s Core Values, economic development is naturally a place where my colleagues and I spend our finite time and resources.   

How would you like to see the San Antonio region continue to grow? 

In my view, the San Antonio Region presents a remarkable and unique value proposition to present and future employers. Our current success in industry sectors such as Finance & Insurance, Information Tech & Security, Bioscience, Aerospace, Aviation & Automotive, Manufacturing & Distribution and Military are real and internationally compelling. As is our connection to Mexico and Central/South America, our excellence in Higher Education, and our relative affordability as compared to other Texas regions, particularly Austin. But to achieve our potential, we have to be clear-eyed as it relates to our challenges and opportunities for improvement. Put bluntly, and as every reader here knows, opportunity is not equally shared across community, race and ethnicity within the San Antonio Region. And tackling this reality is not only the right thing to do, it’s in all of our best interest. For example, I am so heartened by greater:SATX’s commitment to data, and its commitment to jobs, people and place. In my opinion, if we believe in this data-driven plan, and focus on its execution, we can unlock tremendous potential across South-Central Texas. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

Above all, I would like to underline my respect and appreciation for the hard work and efforts of all leadership behind greater:SATX. I think of Jenna Saucedo-Herrera and her terrific team, and what they do every day to support our Region’s success. And I think of Randy Smith, Mike Lynd, Bob Worth and other private sector volunteers who have been so instrumental to the emergence and re-positioning of what was previously known as the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation. The generosity of their valuable time, as well as the capacity of their individual and collective leadership, is something all of us should greatly appreciate. We have such strong roots and history in economic development here in San Antonio. And if we continue to prioritize jobs, people and place, treating greater:SATX’s work as a necessary input to our Region’s success, then the best is yet to come.

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