An Industry of Opportunity

For decades, bioscience has been identified as an industry of opportunity for Greater SATX. Often referred to as the “Home of Military Medicine” and the new destination for precision therapeutics, San Antonio is at the intersection of military, commercial and academic assets that will help us grow our bioscience eco-system.
Southwest Research Institute partners with Texas Biomedical Research Institute, UT Health San Antonio, and The University of Texas at San Antonio, to create custom therapies for hard hitting diseases.
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A Leader in Precision Therapies

In 2019, Southwest Research Institute, Texas Biomedical Research Institute, The University of Texas at San Antonio, and UT Health San Antonio united to form the San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics (SAPPT). SAPPT leverages each institution's exceptional strengths to advance precision therapies and grow the bioscience ecosystem in the San Antonio region.

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A Healthy Start
San Antonio offers desirable real estate options for health care and research facilities. Let us help you get a healthy start in San Antonio.
Military Connection
Greater San Antonio is the epicenter of Military medicine. In addition to hospitals and rehab facilities available to San Antonio’s veterans and active duty military members, our private sector also partners with the military on scientific innovations and research projects.

As both the research and development capital of Texas and a central part of national health care, the bioscience industry in San Antonio offers myriad opportunities for growth.
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UT Health San Antonio - The city’s top employer and educator trains over 3,200 students in more than 55-degree programs.
University of the Incarnate Word - The UIW School of Osteopathic Medicine trains primary care osteopathic physicians to meet community health needs.
Alamo Colleges District - Health and Bioscience institute offers health-career preparation programs.

Source: Emsi Job Posting Data, Q2 2020
If you’re ready for a career in bioscience, San Antonio is ready for you.
Bioscience Partners
To learn more about San Antonio’s thriving bioscience and health care industry visit BioMed SA. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to growing the bioscience community and promoting San Antonio as a city of science and health.
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