greater:SATX and Opportunity Austin Formalize Partnership

Key economic development organizations aim to advance Texas policies to spur growth

greater:SATX, the San Antonio region’s economic and workforce development leader, and Opportunity Austin, an economic development organization fostering job-creating investment in the Austin region, have formalized a partnership to help advance legislative priorities that will enhance the future of economic development and job creation in Texas.

“Our regions share a mutual interest in infrastructure, education and workforce development to foster even greater economic growth,” said Randy Smith, chair of greater:SATX. “As the megaregion between Austin and San Antonio continues to emerge, this teamwork is both critical and strategic. The impact of our efforts and collective investment will be felt throughout the entire corridor and you will continue to see our two communities collaborate going forward.”

The initial focus of the partnership is to advocate for the enactment of a statewide economic development program that provides tools for Texas communities like the San Antonio and Austin regions to be more competitive in attracting new businesses, as well as retaining and growing existing businesses.

“Strong economic development policies are essential for Texas communities like ours to remain a top contender for large job-creating investments,” said Gary Farmer, chair of Opportunity Austin. “Our collective efforts will help ensure our region remains a top choice for premier employers and talent.”

greater:SATX and Opportunity Austin have added and retained a significant number of jobs over the years with the support of economic development incentives. Specifically, over the past 20 years, greater:SATX and Opportunity Austin have collectively secured over 185,000 jobs for the San Antonio metropolitan statistical area and Austin metropolitan statistical area leveraging these incentives.

Advancing these legislative priorities is the first step, with significant opportunities for continued collaboration and alignment between the two metro areas. Both greater:SATX and Opportunity Austin continue to invest in respective initiatives to develop the infrastructure and workforce development to support business growth throughout the San Antonio-Austin megaregion.

These efforts, coupled with a formalized alliance between greater:SATX and Opportunity Austin, will help ensure sustainable and smart growth in decades to come.


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