Greater Workforce Outlook

The San Antonio region’s economic competitiveness is dependent on a skilled, sustainable workforce. The role of SA WORX, within greater:SATX, is to connect employers to education and training providers ensuring that local people have the skills needed to fill high-demand jobs, and want to stay in our region once they gain these skills.

As we meet with companies of all sizes both locally and across the globe, we hear directly that talent is THE defining issue for their growth and expansion. 

SA WORX recognizes the opportunity to leverage this intelligence and articulate employer needs through actionable, data-driven communications to education, training, and service providers across the region. Our team has a deep understanding of the systems and organizations in place related to talent attraction, development, and retention and can mobilize key players to affect change.

In the Greater Workforce Outlook, formerly the Jobs Report, we provide a holistic overview of the greater SATX regional jobs outlook for businesses, educational institutions, and workforce services providers. This publication highlights how the region has fared beyond the pandemic, the growth and opportunity in a recovering economy, and how you can join SA WORX in strengthening our talent pipeline.

You can download this labor market resource below.  


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