Q2 2022

Greater Workforce Outlook

The San Antonio region’s economic competitiveness is dependent on a skilled, sustainable workforce. SA WORX exists to connect employers to education and training providers ensuring that our people have the skills needed to fill high-demand jobs that provide economic mobility.

Talent is THE defining issue for growth and expansion for companies across the globe.

Our bi-annual Greater Workforce Outlook, formerly titled “Jobs Report”, analyzes some of the top in-demand occupations within our greater San Antonio region to help job seekers align with training and employers to enter into new roles in demand now.

Military and cybersecurity

A Greater Future

By looking at regional job postings and average hires, we can identify hiring gaps and focus regional resources on high-demand occupations with target industry career pathways and strong earning potential. In other words, SA WORX identifies jobs that are historically hard to fill, discusses these roles with regional employers to validate, and identify programming to attract, build, and retain the right skillsets to fill the jobs of today and tomorrow. Aligned with the City of San Antonio’s Ready to Work program and Workforce Solutions Alamo’s Local Plan, this report analyzes the top 5 posted occupations across 6 industry groupings. 

SA WORX is committed to our role as a trusted resource and connection point for local employers, training and education leadership, government partners, youth, job seekers, and professionals. We hope you read, download and share our Greater Workforce Outlook.