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The pipeline of companies that greater:SATX is actively working with to relocate or expand in the San Antonio region is growing, surpassing pre-pandemic levels.

Axios recently highlighted our region’s strong tech worker in-migration in a recent newsletter, citing a 24% change in San Antonio’s tech workforce migration. This was the third-highest percent change in tech worker migration in the U.S.

For future tech growth, one of our greatest strengths is our people. In recent years, the San Antonio region has made an unprecedented investment in developing our people and quality of place to support continued growth jobs within our target industries. The greater San Antonio region has a rapidly growing population and a workforce development ecosystem aligned to meet company hiring needs today and into the future. One example, the University of Texas at San Antonio’s investment in its School of Data Science will further position the region to connect technology companies in greater San Antonio with talent. UTSA anticipates training 6,500 at the new School of Data Science starting this fall.

Port San Antonio’s Tech Port Arena will soon open, serving as an innovation hub, gaming center, and congregating space for the 15,000 workers at Port San Antonio and the region’s broader tech community. As the facility opens its doors to the public, big headline events are taking place like the Mayor’s State of the City Address, Texas Smart Cities Summit, Live e-streamed e-sports matches, and more. San Antonio is attracting tech workers from across the U.S. while also investing in and scaling education programs to train San Antonians for in-demand careers.


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